The Fairground At Night


Galloping horses

Which grin and stare

Screams from the waltzers

And flying hair

Hot dogs with onions

That drip down your chin

The thrill as you wait

For a ride to begin

Pink clouds of candyfloss

Stuck on a stick

“I’ve Hooked-a-Duck,

Which prize should I pick?”

Down the helter-skelter

On prickly mats that scratch your legs

Hairy coconuts nobody wins balanced

High on wooden pegs

The sweetness of grass

Crushed on the ground

The Fair’s music and colour

And rhythm and sound

As the Big Wheel

Takes you up in the night

The Fairground below

Throbs with noise and with light.


Then at last,

Home in your bed

You can smell the Fair

And taste it

And feel it

As if you’re still there!