Some mothers wear very sensible shoes

And some wear tight trousers and tops.

Some mothers spend all day cooking at home,

While others are out at the shops.


Some mothers sit and read lots of books

And some talk and talk on the phone.

Some mothers stand about chatting in groups

While others stand quietly alone.


Some mothers are laden with carrier bags

Some stroll with their heads held high.

Some mothers always worry and fuss

And some mothers don’t even try.


Some mothers are like hens

With a whole brood of chicks,

Some mothers only have one.

Some mothers are always serious

And some are lots of fun.


Some mothers laugh very loudly,

Some have a stud in their nose,

Others wear the most peculiar hats

And some have red painted toes.


Some mothers drive a big posh car

And some ride around on a bike.

When I’m grown up and a mother myself

I wonder what I’ll be like?


All mothers are different;

(Mine wears a thermal vest),

And tho’ she isn’t perfect

I think I like my Mum the best.  xxx