Nature's Music


Have you ever heard nature’s music?

The rush of the sea

on a pebble beach,

The rustle of leaves

                blown out of reach

Shrill song of a skylark

                up so high,

The drone of a bumble-bee

                and fly?


Have you listened to nature’s music?

The trickling stream’s

                gentle flow

The scratch of a mole

                as it burrows below,

The chatter of sparrows

                the song of blackbird …


Hear the Earth sing without speaking a word!

The plop of a conker

                that drops to the ground

Seeds blown from a thistle

                with hardly a sound

The screech of gulls as

                they follow the plough …

Listen! It’s happening now!

A fish that bobs up,

                then flips down

                out of sight,

The whistling wind

                on a blustery night,

The swish of the corn

                in the Summer breeze

The soft coo

                of wood pigeons

                up in the trees.


Listen to nature’s music

There are so many things

                to hear:

The music of the Earth’s seasons

                as they change into

                her year.


Please, listen

                to nature’s music

Your ears are young

                your hearts are free,


I can’t hear nature’s music

                for I’ve grown up,

                                you see.