The Planet's Journey


Eight planets travel round the Sun,

Spinning in Space since time was begun;


Mercury is closest to the Sun’s hot rays

And travels round once in eighty-eight days.


Venus you’ll see as the morning star

But close to the Sun and too hot by far.


Our planet is called the Earth

And to her we owe our birth.

And our planet, held so dear

Orbits the Sun in one whole year.


Then up amongst the twinkling stars

Spins a planet you’ve heard about called Mars.


Next two huge planets called Jupiter and Saturn

Help to make up the amazing pattern!


Then Uranus, with little heat or light

Continues on her nocturnal flight.


And as you sleep and work and play

Neptune spins onward so far away.


So these are the planets

Of our Solar System …

I do hope you’ve listened

Or you’ll have missed ‘em!