The Angry Wind


How the Angry Wind ROARS!


It tears the last few leaves

            from groaning trees,

It twists and it turns and it

            SLAMS loose doors,


It drags great grey waves up

            from bubbling seas, then

            SMASHES them down against

                        terrified shores!


It finds paper and rubbish and

            FLINGS it around, then

            SQUASHES tall grasses flat

                        on the ground!


With heavy paws it SWIPES at birds

            that try to fly and

            CHASES frightened clouds

            across a darkening sky!


It tugs at your hair and tries to

            RIP it out, then bends and

            shakes and shouts:




Then it STINGS your face as it

            sharpens its claws:


How the Angry Wind ROARS!


It THROWS little boats up like

            corks in a puddle,

Finds every corner where

            children huddle,

It crouches, it POUNCES and

            SNARLS again and

To a trembling earth it

            SPITS its rain!