Wonderful Me


I’ve got,

Lungs, when I breathe,

which take in air,


Blood, carrying food

and oxygen everywhere,


Muscles, to skip or

run about,


My voice, with which

I sing and shout,


My heart which pumps

My blood around,


And ears that hear

The slightest sound,


Strong bones which

Hold my body up,


And hands, to catch

A ball, or lift a cup,


My brain, better than

Any computer,

Telling my muscles

What to do,

Storing thousands of

Thoughts and words …


I might read, eat,

Or buckle my shoe,


I’ve got arms and legs

To lift up or down.


My skin, which may be

White or brown,


I’ve got teeth to chew

And eyes to see.


How wonderful the Creation that is Me!