Katie's Cooking


I’m putting on my ‘Cooking Gloves’,

(a sock upon each hand),

For I’m making some lovely soup today

With a yogurt pot and some sand.


I’ll put in some water,

Give it a stir,

Then half a plum

And a bit of cat’s fur,

Two squashed peas

That I found on the floor

And a bit of old soap

By the bathroom door.


In goes a cherry

Someone picked off their cake,

Now … put the top on,

Give it a shake,

I’ll put in a conker,

That would be nice,

Three spoonfuls of coffee,

And a few grains of rice.


Would you like to try some?


Well, I don’t see why not.

I suppose I’ll just have to eat

                THE WHOLE LOT!


(Perhaps I’ll save it for later.)